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Postnatal & 4th Trimester

Postnatal Doula Support
There are a range of services I am able to provide and this service varies hugely from family to family but may include things like feeding support, understanding and anticipating ‘normal’ newborn developmental stages and behaviours, supporting you to develop practical skills for example holding, feeding and changing your baby (including support with cloth / ‘real’ nappies), discussion of the 4th trimester and the emotional needs of a newborn, providing emotional support and acting as an extra pair of hands to hold baby* while you shower or to provide practical support around the home while you soak in those newborn cuddles.  

Babywearing Consultations
I offer a personalised session covering the benefits of babywearing, introducing the main kinds of carrier or sling and discussing the pros and cons of each, information about what to look for when making a purchase, or how to use a sling you have already purchased, education on carrying safety and comfortably, support practicing using slings to build your confidence and troubleshooting common concerns.

Babywearing Fit Check
A personalised 30 min session suitable for people who already own and can confidently use their carrier or sling but would like to check they are using it as safely and comfortably as possible and/or to troubleshoot any issues including fit, safety or comfort.

All Things Milk!
I offer specialist supporting with infant feeding including Breastfeeding / Chestfeeding / Combi-feeding & Paced bottle feeding.

Birth Debrief 

Specific space set aside to reflect upon your birth be that a birth I attended or one I hear about in telling for the first time. This service is offered under my Doula insurance and is therefore not a psychotherapeutic service.


*I am entirely parent-led on this. Some parents do not want me to hold the baby and would appreciate me making tea and toast for them while they get some uninterrupted skin to skin time, some parents really appreciate a safe pair of hands to hold baby while they grab a shower – there is no right or wrong and I hope you feel empowered to ask for what you need during our time together. 

"there is no right or wrong and I hope you feel empowered to ask for what you need during this time"