The Doula Manda

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Services: Overview

The services I can offer your family fall into three broad categories depending on where you are in your family’s journey. 

Before the Birth:

 – Birth planning and contingency planning for both the birthing person and for the partner / birth partners if you have them.

 – Preparing for a new baby, what are your expectations, what are your hopes and aims, what will you need and what do you need to know. 

 – Counselling or Psychotherapy for any current concerns, issues arising from or during the pregnancy or to process any previous birth or loss experiences. 

During the Birth:

 – In person support during labour for the birthing person and any partners or birth partners including emotional, physical, practical and logistical means of support 

After the Birth:

 – Hands-on support from nappy changes, helping with sleep, laundry (including substantial knowledge of cloth/real nappies) and being an extra pair of hands so everyone can shower and eat! 

 – Slings and Carriers. Babywearing can be an absolute lifeline for many families so I offer expert support in safe and comfortable babywearing for all bodies. 

 – Breastfeeding support if you choose to breastfeed or combi feed and whether you aim to breastfeed for 24 hours, 24 months or anything between/beyond!

 – Mental health support. While I hope that your family will not need this, it is helpful to know I am an experienced and qualified Psychotherapist of almost 10 years and have specific perinatal mental health and birth trauma trainings.

"As your Doula, my primary aim is to support you and any co-parents to thrive in your new role"