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Night Doula / Night Nanny Services

As your Doula, my primary aim is to support you and any co-parents to thrive in your new role. Sometimes to thrive you may find you need to leave the baby/kids in a safe pair of hands and be “you” again.

Everyone reaches this stage in their own time and it varies wildly. You may feel that you need a couple of hours to yourself during the first week, or you may not feel ready for the whole first year – that is perfectly okay.
You know what is right for you and your family.

I can provide anything from a one-off 2hr ‘nanny’ service to allow you to get a shower and go for a walk and a coffee alone, to providing a full ‘overnight service’ by arrangement if you just need an uninterrupted night’s sleep in order to be the parent you want to be tomorrow.

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