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Doula Inclusivity Workshop: "Meeting Deaf and Hard of Hearing People"

Hearing loss is the second most common disability in the UK.
11 million people are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and over 150,000 have BSL as a first or additional language.

This Zoom Workshop will cover topics including:
– Deaf Culture and History
– Accessibility issues including Language Deprivation
– What Sign Languages are (and what they are not!)
– British Sign Language (BSL) basics
– Where to get reputable qualifications in BSL
– How to work with Interpreters and Interpreting

*This Zoom Workshop is hosted by a Doula UK recognised Doula and registered deaf/Hoh hearing aid user

The next workshop will be held

Thurs 7th Dec 9.30 – 11.30am

Attendance costs £32 (£24 concessions)

To find out more or book your place please email

"More than 30% of of Deaf patients had had left a GP consultation unclear about how to take medication or had actually taken the wrong dosage."