The Doula Manda

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Labour & Birth

No matter where or how you envisage meeting your baby, a Doula can measurably improve your chances of a positive outcome. 

I will support and advocate for you regardless of whether your ideal birth involves an elective c-section, a home water-birth, or anything between!

As your Birth Doula I provide antenatal education and evidence-based information to help you navigate the maternity services and to make confident and informed choices. I provide practical and emotional support during labour; through massage, encouragement, hypnobirthing, assistance with positioning, or other comfort techniques we identified in advance as appropriate and supportive for you, as well as acting as a cheerleader for your wishes through the whole perinatal experience. 

I can provide assistance with non-pharmacological pain relief, such as birth positioning, movement, or relaxation exercises; I can advise as to your options for pharmaceutical pain relief; or I can ensure that your cesarean birth is a beautiful, empowering and calm experience for the whole family. I can also help by bridging any communication gaps between health workers, such as doctors and midwives, yourself, and any birth partners. 

My packages are extremely flexible and naturally change for every family based on their needs and hopes. What works for a first time solo parent by choice, a couple expecting twins, and a family welcoming their fourth baby will all be very different!

However a standard package of birth support may provide:
– 2 antenatal home visits each lasting no less than 60 mins,
– an ‘on call’ period of approximately 4 weeks,
– my attendance during labour, birth and for early bonding / the ‘golden hour’,
– 1 postnatal home visit lasting no less than 90 mins,
– ongoing support via email, text and phone from booking through the first four weeks postnatal.

An enhanced package of birth support could provide:
– additional 
antenatal home visits,
– an extended ‘on call’ period,
– additional antenatal visits
– targeted feeding support
– carrying/babywearing support
– support as far as six months postnatally as desired

To discuss how I could best support your family, get in touch!