The Doula Manda

- make informed choices

Antenatal & Birth Preparation

No matter whether your first child or your fifth, working with a Doula ahead of your birth can measurably improve your chances of a positive outcome. 

Antenatal support
My Antenatal support can involve: signposting evidence based information to assist you in making confident, informed decisions around labour including choosing where you give birth, any contingency planning, and discussing and providing information about pain relief / comfort measures so you can make the most appropriate choices for you. We will discuss options for the 3rd stage of labour (delivery of the placenta) and look at the Golden Hour and how this can be best used to support any 4th trimester choices. I can assist with writing these decisions into your birth preferences / birth plan and communicating the with the midwife or obstetricians.  Antenatal Sessions are available online or in-person.

Antenatal Babywearing Consultations
A offer a personalised session covering the benefits of babywearing, introducing the main kinds of carrier or sling and discussing the pros and cons of each, information about what to look for when making a purchase, education on carrier safety, comfort, and troubleshooting common concerns. This is best booked in partnership with the Postnatal Babywearing Fit Check or Postnatal Babywearing Consultation.

Antenatal Birth Debrief (Previous Birth)
Space to debrief a previous birth be that a joyful reminiscing in advance of experiencing birth for a subsequent time, or a cathartic ‘clearing of the air’ from a previous birth that did not unfold not as hoped.  This service is offered under my Doula insurance and is therefore not a psychotherapeutic service.