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Pinning down exactly what my support will look like can be tricky as the relationship will naturally differ from family to family and birth to birth, as best suits your unique needs. You may benefit from full spectrum Doula support from pregnancy through birth and the fourth trimester, you may need support with your birth and contingency planning only, or someone experienced to support you for the duration of your labour, you may already have given birth and need an extra pair of hands to help with baby while you recover or rest, or you might benefit from a single hour of targeted support for a specific skill such as breastfeeding or babywearing.

Some specific examples of the kind of support I can provide include:

 – Signposting evidence based information to assist you in making confident, informed decisions around pregnancy, birth planning, contingency planning, and 4th trimester choices.

 – Assisting with birth planning / writing your birth preferences, communicating these with the midwife or obstetricians, and supporting and advocating for your preferences during the birth process.

 – Providing practical and emotional support planning for and adapting to life with the new baby, be it a first baby or a new sibling joining the family constellation.

 – Providing practical and emotional support during labour; perhaps through massage, encouragement or other comfort techniques we identified in advance as appropriate and supportive for you.

 – Providing assistance with non-pharmacological pain relief, such as birth positioning, movement or relaxation exercises.

 – Bridging any communication gaps between health workers, such as doctors and midwives, and you and any birth partners.

 – Providing continuity of care throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum periods, and being a continuous loving presence throughout the birth.

 – Providing practical and emotional support to any birth partner/s before, during and after the birth.

 – Sharing and supporting you to develop practical skills for example holding, feeding and changing your baby.

 – Understanding and anticipating ‘normal’ newborn developmental stages and behaviours.

 – Post-birth support at home, which may include light housework or food preparation by agreement.

 – Providing emotional support and a ‘listening ear’ throughout.

(The following are not standard ‘Doula skills’ but related skills and qualifications I have obtained and can offer) 

 – High quality breastfeeding / chestfeeding support and infant feeding advice 

 – Babywearing support, carrying consultations and sling/carrier hire

 – Licenced and insured counselling and psychotherapy services (including specialist birth trauma and perinatal mental health trainings)

 – British Sign Language use and teaching (Signature / CACDP Level 3)

 – Various physiology and movement trainings

Take a look through the menu above to read more about each of these specific support areas or look over this page outlining my specific qualifications and credentials

"I offer birth preparation, birth attendance, and postnatal doula support. I also have breastfeeding/chestfeeding, babywearing, and perinatal mental health qualifications."